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About is the first ‘thoughtful’ AI copilot for proposal writing, built with Shipley’s best practices inside to revolutionize your business development process and help you win more business. Shipley’s industry-leading expertise and’s cutting-edge AI technology come together to offer a comprehensive solution that empowers your team to focus on what matters most.

Unleash the power of + Shipley

AI in content creation has shown that generative AI can create new content from existing sources. But proposal writing requires more than just words – you need strategy, accuracy, and substance, as well as compliance with no margin for error – everything Shipley has been teaching for over 50 years.‚Äč supercharges proposal teams by significantly reducing development time and simplifying workflows, all while delivering results that meet the uncompromising quality standards of Shipley-trained professionals.

Experience the next generation of proposal development:

Winning content

Powered by Shipley’s know-how, guides you in creating winning content that is not only accurate and compliant, but also resonates with your unique voice and value proposition.

Empowered teams empowers your team with Shipley’s expertise, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, allowing for quicker and more effective responses to opportunities.

Competitive edge

Shipley’s proven business development best practices are embedded within, ensuring your proposals are crafted with the insights and expertise that give you a clear competitive edge.

Shipley CEO, Todd Barnett, on Shipley’s game-changing partnership with

Shipley has set the benchmark of excellence in proposal development and the business development lifecycle. Learn more about our shared vision and partnership.

News and Events and Shipley partnership on LinkedIn

Read Microsoft Federal CTO’s LinkedIn post on how and Shipley are transforming proposal efficiency and quality.

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Join Us at the BPC Conference in New Orleans 

Stop by booth #61 to meet our team and learn more, the industry’s first ‘thoughtful’ AI copilot, powered by Shipley. 

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