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Create winning responses faster using

Empower your team to win more business with the industry's only AI copilot built with Shipley's expertise and best practices inside.


Generate responses in hours, not days!

In proposal development, time is of the essence. complements and accelerates all aspects of proposal development. 

Accelerate proposal development

​Leverage to generate a tailored first draft in 24 hours or less, freeing up your team for refinement and strategy.​

Reduce reliance on organizational memory

​Build a chat-enabled, interactive, fully searchable knowledge repository of your content and capabilities.​

Ensure response compliance and accuracy

​Generate detailed compliance reports to ensure the requirements are thoroughly and accurately met. ​

Integrate seamlessly with your processes

Integrate within your existing processes to ensure smooth adoption by your team and enhance productivity.

black-sparkles-bkg.png + Shipley, powered by Shipley's proven expertise in proposal writing and business development, is an AI copilot designed to help your team win more business. goes beyond simple content generation by incorporating Shipley's best practices to offer a winning strategy, compelling content tailored to exacting guidelines, and valuable insights that give you a competitive edge.

The industry's first thoughtful AI copilot combines the cutting-edge technology of the Azure OpenAI and Azure platform, leveraging GPT-4 Turbo, the most advanced Large Language Model (LLM). is dedicated to upholding the principles of responsible AI. Based on thousands of hours of research and development, it is engineered to ensure the generated content is transparent and based on accurate sources. Using a multi-layered prompt model, is designed to think before it answers. With, you're not just generating content, you're crafting a winning strategy!

How does it work?

Step 1: Upload

Upload your documents to your secure Knowledge Repository. 

Step 2: Engage

Engage with the Chat feature to  craft a flight plan.

Step 3: Generate

Generate a tailored first draft and detailed compliance reports.


Security is non-negotiable is CMMC Level 2 and NIST 800-171 compliant. It operates within Azure Commercial and Government environments, which enables us to securely manage Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI).
With a FedRAMP High Score and Azure OpenAI support, we offer strong security measures including access control and advanced data encryption. clients receive a private enclave for compute, network, and storage, ensuring their data is never shared, or used for training AI models. 

Empower your team with

For Proposal Professionals enhances efficiency, allowing for quick turnaround times on drafts, and supports a collaborative environment for refining and enhancing proposals, ultimately boosting win rates. 

For Sales Teams democratizes winning strategies and streamlines the proposal process, enabling teams to focus on closing deals and driving revenue with minimal complexity and maximum efficiency. 

For Technology Teams ensures compliance and integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack while maintaining stringent data security, providing you a competitive edge in proposal development. 

What others say about us

Jason Payne

CTO, Microsoft Federal represents one of the best examples of how generative AI can improve personal and organizational efficiency and quality. We all know proposal development is hard work, and often a nights and weekends task. By combining with the Shipley Proposal Process, every capture team can realize the potential in time saving and quality of having an AI companion that can draft, revise, and review proposal content. 

Todd Barnett

CEO, Shipley Associates

Shipley’s partnership with represent a commitment to excellence, combining Shipley’s BD expertise with’s AI technology to enhance proposal development efficiency, creativity, and success... Shipley and will co-create the ultimate reflection of a half century of proposal and business development wisdom through the latest AI technology for a future where AI embraces our capabilities, makes us more efficient, creative, and successful.

Amy Blenken

CEO, Client Solution Architects is changing how we can address business opportunities. Within hours delivers a flight plan which cues the team for pain points, win themes, and solutions. We’ve been able to generate a pink team with our Knowledge Repository (KR) without any solution input, and we received a solid response for entry to solutioning sessions, filled with direct linkages to our historical data. The efficiencies for our team are just beginning to be realized as we become proficient in features. 

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